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At Empire Beauty Schools, students experience a lasting tradition of superior education and development at our beauty school. For over 50 years, we’ve been the top choice for promising, talented students who want a successful career in beauty. Why? Because they are instructed by passionate professionals who want to see them succeed and empower them with the skills and know-how to thrive in their careers. Ready to start your next chapter? Please learn more about us and how we can prepare you for the future.

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Our Educators

We believe in providing promising students with the highest quality education, which means instruction by masters in the beauty industry. Our faculty comprises seasoned, consummate makeup artists, hair stylists, and creative gurus who’ve spent years perfecting their craft and teaching others. They merge our comprehensive curriculum with their real-life experiences, ensuring our students receive the best of both worlds. Our faculty is passionate about fostering our students’ natural talents and equipping them with the knowledge needed to succeed.

Team Hooksett 23
Hooksett Campus
Laconia Campus
Somersworth Campus

Our Founder

Empire Beauty Schools was founded in 1964 by Norman Langlois. During his prosperous career, Norman earned the nickname “The King of Beauty” for his ability to give clients their ideal look and grow professionals and businesses to success. Norman dedicated his life to fostering professionals with a genuine desire for them to thrive in their careers. Since our founding, Norman’s vision for the beauty industry has grown into three campuses that the next generation of beauty professionals attend yearly.

Norman Somersworth

Our Owners

Empire Beauty Schools is owned and operated by Norman’s children, John Langlois, and Donna Demers. Their passion and expertise within the beauty industry began when they were just kids! Growing up, they carefully watched and learned from their father, taking what they learned into their various professional careers. John and Donna have spent their careers managing and operating several top salons and beauty centers throughout the area. They are proud that Empire Beauty Schools is family owned and operated, and they look forward to continuing its rich legacy for future generations.

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