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A modern approach to a timeless skill!


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An Experienced Education

Join one of the fastest-growing fields in the job market today and have a new career in less than 7 months. Empire Beauty Schools Barber program will provide you with a fun and exciting environment to develop your skills and knowledge in the field of barbering. We use the Pivot Point Barbering curriculum and visual aids.

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Barbering Training

Your hands-on training will include:

  • Cutting techniques with razor, scissors, clippers, and shears
  • Straight edge shaving
  • Mustaches & beard grooming
  • Men’s facial massage and hair, skin and scalp treatments
  • Presentations from local industry owners and professionals
  • Business and client building skills for success in the barber industry

March 5th, 2024
October 1st, 2024

September 17th, 2024

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