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Learn lash extensions from a pro!

Do you have a passion for long, thick, bold eyelashes? Do you have an equal passion for providing others with the beauty, style, and confidence they deserve? Enroll today at Empire Beauty Schools and master your lash extension craft at our beauty school. For over 50 years, we’ve fostered our students’ talents and passion for beauty and esthetics so that they can pursue a career in their chosen craft. We combine rigorous education and training with exciting opportunities to experience and grow within real-life scenarios and settings. Please reach out to us today and learn more about equipping yourself with the tools to succeed.

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What You Can Expect

Throughout your 150-hour training and course work, you’ll learn how to give clients beautiful eyelash extensions like a professional. Learn the ins and outs of making eyelashes longer, thicker, or curlier with expert precision and grace. Along with eyelash lifts and brow lamination. You will also learn proper sanitation and safety techniques so you know how to practice extensions and eyelash care responsibly. Our students learn by practicing and perfecting their craft with live models and mannequins, enabling them to fully prepare for their future careers. Our program costs include the following:

  • Lash kits
  • Brow lamination kits
  • Storage travel case
  • Practice head with removable eyelids
  • Tuition and enrollment costs

Please call 603-792-1400 ext 3 for start dates.

Please call 603-524-8777 ext 3 for start dates.

Please call 603-692-1515 ext 3 for start dates.

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Join Our Certified Lash Extension Program

Our school has been the most trusted for educating and cultivating the next generation of stylists, makeup professionals, and esthetics professionals in the area. We’d love to speak with you if you want a career in the beauty industry. Our team is here to guide you through the enrollment process and address your questions regarding tuition, coursework, life on campus, and beyond. We are committed to fostering our students’ potential and providing them with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to succeed in a modern beauty practice. Start your next adventure in the world of beauty with us today.

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