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HEERF: Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund

HEERF I Somersworth – 12/2020

HEERF I Somersworth – 9/2020

HEERF I Somersworth – 3/2021

HEERF I Somersworth – FINAL

HEERF III Funds Allotment and Eligibility – Somersworth – 9/2021

Congress passed the Corona virus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to provide some relief from the economic fallout related to the COVID-19 pandemic. One element of CARES Act funding is the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF). HEERF is funding provided to Institutions of Higher Education as part of the CARES Act to assist current students for expenses related to disruptions to their education due to COVID-19.

Certification and Agreement

Empire Beauty Schools, Inc. has signed and returned to the U.S. Department of Education the Certification and Agreement to receive the Student and Institutional Portion of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

Acknowledgement of Funds

Empire Beauty Schools, Inc. – New Hampshire, has been allocated $360,223.00 of which $180,111.00 has been allocated to assist students through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. The institution further acknowledges that it will use no less than fifty percent of the total funds received under section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to its students. Empire Beauty Schools, Inc. will have an application process to facilitate the distribution of funds.

Notification to Students

Notification of the availability of the HEERF Grant has been given to students in person. For the students we were unable to meet with in person Empire Beauty Schools called, text and emailed them. Empire also sent Notification and Application via certified mail.


Students seeking consideration for assistance from the HEERF are advised to complete the HEERF application available on campus from the School Director. Students may contact the director by phone, email or in person.


Empire Beauty Schools, Inc – New Hampshire is required to report publicly on its website certain criteria as outlined by the U.S. Department of Education. This information will be reported through the instructions and information listed above on this web page and the remaining information not reported above will be posted in PDF format in this section of this web page.

Total amount of Emergency Financial Aid Grants distributed to Students: $175,933.80
Total Number of students eligible: 257
Total Number of students who received funds: 254

Determination of Eligibility and Funds Calculation

Under the CARES Act and subsequent administrative interpretation provided by the Department of Education (“ED”), students eligible to receive HEERF Student Share Grant Funds (“Eligible Students”) must meet all eligibility criteria listed below:

  • Students must have completed a FAFSA or met other eligibility requirements per the USDE 4/21/20 guidance.
  • Students must have been enrolled in a Title IV eligible certificate program at the time of the Disruption of Campus Operations. Students who have an effective withdrawal date prior to March 13, 2020 cannot receive HEERF Student Share Grant Funds. March 14, 2020 is the date on which on-campus instruction was suspended, disrupting Empire Beauty Schools normal campus operations and giving rise to HEERF Eligible Expenses.
  • Students must have been enrolled as of March 13, 2020, i.e., not enrolled in an exclusively online program.
  • Students must submit an Empire Beauty Schools HEERF Student Share Grant application.

HEERF Eligible Expenses
Eligible Students who have incurred HEERF Eligible Expenses are eligible to receive HEERF Student Share Grant Funds, provided such expenses have not been previously reimbursed by Empire Beauty Schools. HEERF Eligible Expenses must have been incurred no earlier than March 13, 2020.

Additional Instructions, directions, and guidance to Students concerning The Emergency Financial Aid Grants.

HEERF Student Share Amounts

The maximum HEERF Student Share Grant to an Eligible Student is expected to be $2,000.00 (the “Maximum Award”). Given the number of students Empire Beauty Schools who may be eligible, and depending on the actual number of applications received and the grant funds requested in the applications.

Empire Beauty School’s goal is to be fair to every student that qualifies for the Cares Act HEERF Student Share Grant. The student’s GRANT amount will be determined by the number of C. HEERF Student Share Grant Amounts days enrolled during the 90 day period times Per Day dollar amount.

  1. Total number of Students X number of days each student was enrolled = Total days
  2. Total allocated Funds / Total Days = Per Day $ Amount
  3. Each student’s days X Per Day $ Amount = Grant Amount to Student

Disbursing HEERF Student Share Grants

Empire Beauty Schools will make every effort to disburse the HEERF Student Share Grants as soon as practicable following the close of the Priority Application Period. While not a guarantee, Empire Beauty Schools anticipates that funds will be distributed no later than two weeks from the close of the Priority Application Period.

Empire Beauty Schools will disburse the HEERF Student Share Grants to students, but in no event shall Empire Beauty Schools apply any portion of such funds to pay down any balance owed by the student. The CARES Act and ED guidance prohibits any such use.

Payments will be paid via check mailed to the student’s permanent address or may select to pick up their check at the school.

Reporting and Tax Compliance

Empire Beauty Schools will comply with ED status update reporting requirements as required by the CARES Act.

Empire Beauty Schools will issue the appropriate tax documents to students for these HEERF Student Share Grants, if any, as required by the Internal Revenue Service. The Internal Revenue Service has provided interim guidance stating that the HEERF Student Share Grants are not taxable income to the students who receive such funds.

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