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Begin Your Career at Our Beauty School

The beauty industry is constantly changing. As clients’ styles and esthetic desires shift, new generations of passionate professionals must adapt and fulfill them. There’s no better feeling for us than welcoming bright, enthusiastic students to our campus and cultivating their talents. If you want to start your beauty career in a rigorous yet welcoming environment, please consider one of our schools around the area.

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Your Journey Begins Here

Let us help you change your life with a new career that is flexible, creative and has endless possibilities!

Our Admissions Department is ready to answer any questions, take you on a personal tour and share the financial opportunities available!

Why Choose Us?

Many of our former students have gone on to outstanding careers within the beauty industry. Wether you focus your studies on a particular field or many, we’ll empower you to take charge of leaning, development, and professional growth. Helpful, friendly instructors and peers will support your education so you can be the best version of yourself daily. Empire Beauty Schools is perfect for you if you want:

Real World Experience

Students practice their craft on real models and in realistic scenarios. You'll experience the challenges and joys of working in a professional studio.

Learning From the Best

Our faculty comprises fantastic educators with previous experience with succeeding in the most demanding studios and salons.

New Friends and Bonds

We collaborate, share, and engage with one another like a family. Students often form strong, life-long relationships with each other.

Career Preparation

Every course is comprehensive. After finishing, you'll be thoroughly equipped with the necessary skills and tools.

Encouragement and Confidence

You'll be welcomed daily by peers and instructors who want you to thrive and believe in you.

Are you Ready to Take the Next Step With Empire Beauty Schools?

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