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Beauty School Jobs

Are you a seasoned professional in the beauty industry? Do you want to use your years of craft, knowledge, and experiences to teach others how to achieve their desired careers? If so, please apply at Empire Beauty Schools and together, we will nurture the next generation of beauty professionals. If you’re passionate about helping students grow into masters of their craft and successful businesspeople, we would love to hear from you. Many opportunities are available to you today.

interior hallway of Empire Beauty Schools

Working at Empire Beauty Schools

Providing students with the highest level of education, guidance, and preparation for the future is our top priority, and we want people who can help us fulfill it. You will be expected to equip students with everything they need to succeed in their profession and adapt seamlessly to the industry’s ever-changing demands. We cultivate a safe, accommodating, and fun environment where every student feels welcomed and cared for. We expose students to realistic situations and challenges they’ll encounter in their future careers, so they will be ready to overcome them confidently. We turn students into knowledgeable, respectful, and accountable beauty experts.

Positions offered include:

  • School Director
  • Admissions Representative
  • Instructor Motivators
  • Financial Aid Advisors
  • Assistant General Manager

Want to Start a New Adventure Today?

At Empire Beauty Schools, happiness is our mission. We enjoy nothing more than bringing our students and faculty’s career goals and passions together. If you would be fulfilled by providing your years of knowledge and expertise to others so they can thrive, then you are a perfect fit for us. Guiding students and helping them find their way toward the career of their dreams is essential to change their lives positively. We would be delighted to share the current positions open with you and hear why you are the perfect candidate. Please explore the extraordinary opportunities awaiting you at Empire Beauty Schools!

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