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Beauty Essentials Course

Regardless of what you want to do with your beauty career, having an expert understanding of makeup is crucial. Grow your skillset and potential with Empire Beauty Schools, the leading beauty school for makeup. Our Beauty Essentials course teaches students the makeup methods and techniques needed to succeed in our ever-changing industry. Students learn to analyze a client’s entire face, lips, and eyes properly. The program teaches students how to apply corrective and natural makeup professionally. As a result, we prepare students with makeup mastery and versatile cosmetic skills to start the next stage of their lives.

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Airbrushing Course

The airbrush method is increasingly popular within the beauty world, and practitioners must learn it to thrive in their careers. We provide comprehensive education to students about airbrushing and how to conduct it like a professional. Our course includes learning about care, maintenance, and applying airbrush techniques to clients’ faces flawlessly. Students will exit the course with the skills and knowledge demanded by major studios.

woman with makeup done and false lashes

Bridal Course

We focus on preparing students for bridal and wedding makeup services because of their prevalence within the world of beauty. Doing wedding makeup is one of the best ways to make a beauty career, and we want to help our students take advantage of those opportunities in the future. Students begin the program by learning the fundamentals of creating the bride’s perfect look. Then, they will learn how to properly develop and execute the bride and her party’s makeup plan. We educate students on the business and esthetics sides of bridal makeovers, so they are prepared to meet them head-on after completing their education.

Program Includes:

Learn everything you need to succeed in your makeup and beauty career. Our program costs include the following:

  • Beauty essentials kit
  • Airbrush makeup kit
  • Bridal makeup kit
  • Tuition and enrollment fees

Program Cost

Join Our Certified Makeup Program Today

Do you want to become the next makeover guru? Do you want additional skills and knowledge to complement your journey through your field of focus? If so, Empire Beauty Schools is here to help you with your needs. Our primary goal is to equip students with expert craft skills and professional development to thrive in the modern beauty industry.

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