Coming soon - new England Beauty Expo - being held at Empire Beauty schools -

saturday April 5 at the Somersworth and Laconia campuses

saturday april 12 at the Portsmouth and Hooksett Campuses

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Cosmetology (all campuses)
MAy 12, 2014 (day and evening CLASSES) 
Barbering (Somersworth Only)
june 16, 2014 -
Esthetics (Day Classes only)
september 8, 2014 - portsmouth campus

 The Cosmetology field boasts an incredible zero percent unemployment rate with recent surveys showing that there are over 500,000 positions available across the country. New hires are up close to 40% over the past few years with more than half of the salons surveyed stating that they currently have, or plan to have, at least one to two job openings in the coming year.


Estheticians are licensed professionals who provide services such as facials, makeup, and hair removal to improve someone's physical appearance.  It also comprises the use of various equipment, masks, and specialized treatments for specific skin problems. Estheticians also perform waxing and other treatments for eyes, backs, and hands.


Barbering is taking on a fresh and modern look while staying true to its roots in history. Nowadays you can find modern barbershops with unique work spaces. You can also find many shops true to tradition with large leather barber chairs and the traditional barber pole spinning outside the front door. Barbering is not just for men anymore.According to the Ed Jeffers Barber Museum, almost half of all barbers are women.


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